A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Monster Girl High School! I’m in love with a cutie? Is a lighthearted monster girl dating sim. Play as Fumi Yamada, cliche anime protagonist and disaster lesbian as she navigates being the only human at Monster Girl High School. Get to know three girls, Philippa the shy cyclops, Nadia the assertive snake girl, and Ari the mysterious spider girl. And don’t forget, be gay and kiss monsters.

Art by the lovely Morgan Albright! Find her on Twitter and Instagram @kawaiilolliepop.


MosterGirlHighSchool.zip 18 MB


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The texboxes are too big (it cover too much of the screen) and the font is too small. 
And all the text that we see in the begenning should be put into at least twice as much textboxes - each with a smaller dose of text.

sprites are nice but the background and GUI style are bad. And no CGs :(

The girls seem to be interesting but the story is too simple and too short. Seriously, I played much longer demo versions.